9 Must-Have Mobile Apps That Will Ensure Your Survival In Melbourne

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These days, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google Maps are ubiquitous apps on our smartphones. But what if we told you that there are apps just as essential for your life here in Melbourne? From food to studies, and even travel, here are 9 must-have apps (available on both IOS and Android) that are sure to ease your everyday life!

1. LOST ON CAMPUS • for finding your way around school

Regardless of whether you're studying at Monash, Deakin, RMIT, or the University of Melbourne, Lost on Campus (IOS / Android) will help you find your way to lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, toilets, carparks, bus stops, vending machines, and even your campus' “secret locations”. If you're new to studying here or if you're someone who’s simply bad with directions, this mobile navigation app eradicates the need for you to pull out a physical map and looking like a lost bird.

2. BOM WEATHER • for dressing appropriately or planning what to do

Melbourne’s weather has a notorious reputation for being erratic (click here to learn how to survive it). With BOM (IOS / Android), you’ll get access to real-time observations from hundreds of automated weather stations across the country, which will give you an accurate gauge of what to wear for the day so you don’t get a heat rash or freeze to death. This will also save you from turning up at the beach on a gloomy day.

3. PUBLIC TRANSPORT VICTORIA • for checking when your transport will arrive

The Public Transport Victoria (IOS / Android) is your one-stop-shop public transport app allowing you to view waiting times for the bus, tram, or train you’re expecting. This app tops its game with value-added features such as real-time information of public transports including disruption updates linked to Twitter feeds, and access to your address book so that you can plan your journey with all your contacts. Basically your Melbourne version of Singapore's SG NextBus app, but even better. This will definitely aid your time-management — no more missing the public transport just because you went for a bubble tea fix!

4. HALF PRICE • for finding out price drops and good deals

HALF PRICE (IOS / Android) is an app that combines all good deals and price drops of supermarkets Woolworths and Coles. Plan your grocery expenditure with this app which can actually save you heaps of dollars. Just like an online catalogue, browse through everything that is going at 50% off!

5. DELIVEROO • for convenient doorstep food deliveries

Don't delete this app just yet, for Deliveroo (IOS / Android) is available in Melbourne too! Also available in Singapore, this food delivery app provides you hundreds of F&B options around your neighbourhood where you can place your order, pay from your phone, and get the food you are craving for, right to your door. Know that you do not have to resort to eating instant noodles or microwaveable foods on days where you're rushing assignments or simply too tired to leave the house or whip up a meal. From 4 Fingers, Killiney Kopitiam, Pepper Lunch to Siam Thai, what's stopping you?

6. ZOMATO • for finding the best restaurants

Zomato (IOS / Android) offers tantalising food and restaurants in Melbourne based on user-populated reviews, ratings, photos, and comments. If you are new to Melbourne, this food-finding app enables you to narrow your search by cuisine and location, discover top-trending restaurants that you can eat out at. You can even add menus, images and reviews to restaurant profile pages, and in some cases, reserve a table directly through the app.

7. DIDI • for when you are in a hurry and need an affordable ride

DiDi (IOS / Android) is a fuss-free, low-fare rideshare app that allows you to book a taxi and hit the road anywhere and anytime. Whether you are heading to the airport or racing to class, you can simply pull out this app from your phone and get paired with a driver within minutes. No more rip-offs and no more broken taxi meters — have a peace of mind that DiDi offers numerous deals, coupons, and everyday low, competitive prices.

8. SEEK • for when you want to look for a job

SEEK (IOS / Android) is a job-searching app that allows you to find thousands of job ads and trusted information about companies across Australia. Spare the trouble of handing over your resume in person, and effortlessly find and apply for new jobs for the role, industry, work type, salary and location you’re after. If you are constantly tired of not hearing back from an employer, fret not as SEEK also informs you whether your application has been viewed by the employer and the likelihood you’re progressing for the job.

9. LIVEN • for earning some cashback from food

If you're looking for an app that will return you some cashback from dining out, LIVEN (IOS / Android) is just the app for you. Similar to Singapore's shopback, get rewarded as you spend when you use the Liven app! You can also use this to search for places to eat at times when you can't decide.

Back in the day, phones were used solely for calling and texting. Today, with just a few swipes, we have access to public transport timings, jobs, and even making cashless payments on the go. These multi-functional apps that are sure to help your life here in Melbourne, are definitely worth every memory space on your phone. Happy downloading!

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