Tips on how to be productive at home

With the recent measures put in place by the Australian government, most of us have tested positive for missing hanging with our mates, feeling locked in and isolated. It has also left us with a lot of time on our hands to manage. From binging on a Netflix series to creating COVID-19 memes, the struggle is real when work and assignments still need to be completed. Finding it difficult to stay on task with the 101 distractions at home? Well, you're not the only one! Here are 10 ways you can zoom past all the distractions.

1. Eat Healthy

Eating foods that are high in sugar content can cause a “sugar high” and then a “sugar crash”, which can, in turn, affect your concentration level. A meal that is too heavy might land you in a food coma too. Snack on junk and fried food in minimal amounts and opt for healthier snacks such as fruits instead. You can also make yourself a healthy breakfast to start your day of productivity right!

2. Find Your Inner Yogi

Low-impact exercises such as yoga or pilates can help boost concentration levels and enhances a person’s mood too. When you are feeling unmotivated, bored or distracted, pull out your towels and mats, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Here are some beginner-friendly videos you can do at home with no equipment:

Everyday Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Pilates At Home

Beginner Flexibility

3. Throw Your Distractions Out

Maybe your cat or dog or fish is distracting you, move to a room and lock them out. Our phones often win our attention more than that piece of assignment you have to get done or lecture you have to watch. Turn off your phone and put it in another room! Only turn your phone on or enter the other room when you are taking a break.

4. Establish Designated Spaces

Having well-defined spaces for each activity will help your brain associate the physical space to the activity and subconsciously increases productivity levels. Set up a space to work, and use a different space to rest, eat and chill. Here’s a video that will help get you started:

Setting Up Your Workplace At Home

5. Look Cute At Home

Being in clothes that are too comfortable will make you feel cozy, snug and sleepy. Time to pull out your cutest loungewear that's gonna make you feel all cute and refreshed. This simple act of self-love will tell your body that it is time to get to doing work!

6. Plan Your Time

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." Come up with a routine, map out how you want your day to go, write down all that you want to get done within the day or week. This will keep you accountable and help you stick to a plan. With the time we have, why not start bullet journaling? Here are some articles to check out if you're interested:

Ultimate Bullet Journal Guide 2020

How To Bullet Journal?

7. Housestudy With Friends

Studying with friends makes studying more fun and keeping each other accountable for the tasks to be done. If you've yet to hear through the grapevine, Houseparty is the best isolation app. Grab your kakis, even those in Singapore! When taking a break from studying, do so together with your friends and play some trivia games. Alternatively, do it over Zoom or Skype.

8. Get In The Zone With Music

Sometimes when I’m unproductive or when I find that my surroundings are too distracting, I plug in and listen to a range of music from lofi beats to piano acoustics. This helps me to focus better as it creates a different environment for me, even though I am still stuck in the same physical space. Here are some Spotify playlists I use to get productive. Explore and find what works best for you.

Lofi Hip-hop Beats

Lofi Hip-hop Music to Relax/Study to

Piano Pop

9. Marie Kondo Your House

Spending literally 90% of the time at home, it is crucial to make this space conducive for yourself. Take some time to organize your wardrobe, kitchen and even rearrange some furniture if you have to. By maintaining and loving your humble abode, you will be giving yourself a productivity boost and as Marie Kondo would say, a better chance at happiness!

10. Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Whether you deserve it (or not), taking a break may help to increase motivation and productivity levels. Sometimes, draining every drop of your brain juice might not be the most effective thing to do. Give yourself a pat on the back before carrying on.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.” - Viktor E. Frankl

With that, I hope that you all stay safe, stay healthy and keep those productivity levels up! This may be a frustrating time for all of us and we cannot change the situation we are in, but we can change the way we react to it. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram, and we would love to chat with you. Do take care of yourselves and stay in the pink of health fellow Singaporeans!


As an editor for Singaporeans of Victoria, Germaine wishes to give prospective and future students a sneak peek to what life in Melbourne would be like as a Singaporean. Studying Commerce at The University of Melbourne, she loves to take walks and has a secret (but now not so secret) goal to conquer all the parks around Melbourne.