Prepping Your Melbourne Study Abroad Pre-departure Checklist

Updated: Feb 7


Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. Packing, however, isn’t so much. Calculating what you will need for the next one to six semesters in Melbourne can be difficult and daunting.

Take a deep breath, fellow Singaporeans — we’re here to help! Before you head to Changi Airport, take some time to read through this check-list below which covers the necessities you would need to throw in when packing your bags. Now let's get to the nitty-gritty of things!

1. In Your Carry-on Bag(s)

  • Passport (Probably the most important item, forget this and you will probably find yourself in a mad rush to get it from home or worse, booking another flight.)

  • "The Golden File of Important Documents" (Store all hard-copies of your passport, eCoE, health insurance, medical prescriptions, accommodation details, receipts for brand new electronic items and phone numbers of emergency contacts in this golden file. You’ll never know when you need it in case of an emergency)

  • Mobile Phone (Prep some in-flight entertainment by downloading your favourite shows to watch on the 8-hour flight.)

  • Earphones

  • Portable charger and charging cable

  • Laptop in protective sleeve (Whether you decide to hand-carry or check-in your laptop, traveling can get rough!)

  • Wallet with at least $300AUD would be good in getting you started and of course, some SGD just in case

  • Empty water bottle

  • Vanity pouch with travel-sized moisturizers, tissue paper, lip balm and etc. (ensure that liquid products are less than 100ml or 100g)

  • Spectacles (if any)

  • Any prescribed medication you would need during the flight (eg. inhaler)

  • Other in-flight entertainment such as books, kindles and etc.

2. In Your Luggage


  • Laptop charger and mouse

  • Thumb drive / USB

  • Extension cord (If your accommodation has limited electrical outlets, this would come in very handy!)

  • Power plug adaptor (Good to bring 2 - 3)

  • Hairdryer (If you find yourself lacking space, can opt to purchase in Melbourne)

  • Any other personal devices (eg. iPads, Curling irons and etc.)


  • Adhesive bandages

  • Allergy medication (if any)

  • Medication for cold or flu

  • Medication for diarrhoea or vomitting

  • Over-the-counter pain-killers

  • Eye Drops

  • Nasal Spray

  • Prescribed medicine (Ensure that you have with you the doctor’s note for future purchases)

  • Vitamins and Supplements (if any)


  • Bath towels

  • Shampoo and conditioner (Travel tip: Pack travel-sized products and purchase normal sized ones over in Melbourne to save you some kg)

  • Hair brush / comb

  • Body moisturizers

  • Facial products (check if the particular brand you use is available for purchase in Melbourne. If not, do stock up!)

  • Makeup and makeup remover

  • Nail clipper

  • Dental care

  • Hair ties and clips

  • Feminine products (for the ladies; at least a month’s worth)


  • Undergarments

  • Tops of choice

  • Bottoms of choice (Try to pack clothing for different occasions)

  • Waterproof Puffer / Jacket (with hood)

  • Windbreaker

  • Winter Jacket

  • Formal wear (Pack a set or more to cover you for presentations)

  • Pyjamas

  • Activewear

  • Footwear of choice

  • Socks

  • Accessories (eg. caps, scarfs, sunglasses, watch, belt, jewellery and etc.)

  • Bags (eg. backpack, totes, mid-sized everyday bag)


  • Notebooks / planner

  • Stationeries

  • Umbrella for Melbourne's erratic weather

  • Thermal flask

  • Momentos that would remind you of home

That's about it! Once you're more or less packed, check against this handy checklist that will ensure you have everything you need packed, for your new home away from home!

As all of us prioritise our items differently, do plan ahead and add on your own personal belongings onto this packing list to ensure you won't miss anything out. This would definitely help you avoid missing out on any important items. However, fret not, whatever you may forget to bring would definitely be purchasable in Melbourne. This being said, here's a *packing tip* for heavier packers: Forgo items that you would be able to purchase in Melbourne and probably wouldn't need in the first 3 days.

Do have a read at the Australian customs and Quarantine regulations and note down what can and cannot be brought into Australia. Generally, most foods are prohibited by Australian customs. If you do decide to bring them, remember to declare them at the airport. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to face a heavy fine on your first arrival there as a student! Most of all, don’t forget the cardinal rule of travelling — pack light and pack smart!

Note: If you're a student from our associated Singapore Student Societies, you might be treated to a pre-departure briefing by current students a few weeks before the start of each semester. Visit our Facebook page to find out more about our partners and their events! If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us a message on our Instagram as well and we would be more than happy to help.


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