All You Need to Know: Housing Accommodation

Probably the next big thing to think about after your choice of university would be: Where should I stay? Not to fret, here's some basic information from us to get you started!

First and foremost, here are a few things you should consider and plan out before diving straight into finding a place.

Now that we have thought about what we want as well as our priorities, let's look at the accommodation options available.


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Staying at a university hall can be a bit pricier than the other options. However, if the "hall life" is something you are interested in experiencing, this might be the option for you. Differing from hall to hall, certain halls include meal plans. Guess you never have to worry about food.


📸: Journal Student Living

Likewise, student accommodations lean towards the pricier side. However, I would highly recommend this option for first year students. This option is good for you if you would like a balance between school dorm life and private living. Events for students to mingle and mix around are often hosted at student accommodations and are usually safe with its on-site security. In most cases, only registered full-time students are allowed to apply.

A few of the popular ones are:


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The price for private housing varies on its location, housing type, and other factors too. In most cases, renting a private unit tends to be the most affordable option, that is if you would be rooming with others. Usually, utility bills are not included in the rent, hence you can save on this aspect. For this option, note that it is a requirement for you to view the house in person. Hence if you're not in Melbourne at this point in time, this would be a little tricky. Do still give this option a chance, maybe in your next or subsequent semester to experience the full living experience in Melbourne. Here are some websites you can search up on private properties:

Here are some other helpful links you can refer to if you would like to read up more on your accommodation options as a student:

As an international student, the place we choose to call home is an important decision. Do take some time to look through your options and jot down the considerations you have to consider. Ultimately, there's no "best accommodation" as everyone's preferences are different.

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As an editor for Singaporeans of Victoria, Germaine wishes to give prospective and future students a sneak peek to what life in Melbourne would be like as a Singaporean. Studying Commerce at The University of Melbourne, she loves to take walks and has a secret (but now not so secret) goal to conquer all the parks around Melbourne.